My First Time…

…at blogging, that is. I have always wanted a personal blog. I think I am clever and witty. I have a lot to say and for some reason, I think people should and will be interested. I have always been reluctant to actually do it. I said, I thought I was clever and witty, not that other people did.

Since, creating a blog was part of a graduate course assignment, I thought I would take advantage and post some personal things as well. Here goes:


I have two children, both boys, one is five and the other is two. Right now, my two year is creating so many funny memories…every day.
I will write about those later.

All the funny stories that are happening now, as my youngest is learning to navigate the world, made me think about my five year old. He is in kindergarten and is such a BIG boy! The other day I took a good hard look at him. I found myself thinking, did my oldest child do all the funny things that his younger brother is doing? Why can’t I remember? He is only five…it wasn’t that long ago.

Why do the stresses of life steal away our memories? Why do all the cute, heart-warming, things get pushed back behind bills, work and how much weight we need to lose? Just the other day, my family was sitting around the table, and someone brought up something funny my oldest son did. They asked me, “what was it he kept saying,”…as that was key to the story. I could not remember for the life of me. COULD NOT REMEMBER. It really upset me. For days, I thought and thought and nothing…it made me so sad because I knew he had so many funny stories. Were they just gone?   Why hadn’t I taken the time to write them down? Then I guess I got busy and forgot about it (ugh.)

The other day, my mother said, “I remembered the rest of the story!” Thank GOD for mothers.   So here it is before I forget…again.

One day, when my sweet little boy was about 3, I decided we would go to the Dollar Store. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but I had never been a mother that took her children to the store (at least not often)…not the grocery store, not the mall, and certainly not a toy store. It never seemed worth the frustration. Anyway…that day I did. My oldest was an early talker. Not only did he talk early, he was extremely articulate. It was amazing…all the things he would say.

That day, when we went into the dollar store, he wanted to walk. As soon as we hit the door, he took off…then he started screaming: “Holy Moly, mom, they have soap!”; “Holy Moly, mom, they have socks!”; “Holy Moly, mom, they have shoes!”; “Holy Moly, mom, they have candy!” Did I mention he was screaming!!! “Holy Moly! Holy Moly! Holy Moly!” It was so funny. You would have thought he had never been anywhere…I guess he really hadn’t…and who says Holy Moly??? Everyone in the store was roaring with laughter. His excitement was contagious. Ah, life’s little joys. I so wish adults could enjoy life like children do. I remember the story now, perfectly, like it was yesterday. It feels like yesterday…when he was little, and I thought I would always remember the sweet, funny and frustrating moments.

I know that the memories are still there. I just wish they would stay closer to the front of my thoughts and not let all the issues of life take their precious spot. I am going to do my best to remember. I am going to write them here. That way, when I do forget and get way too bogged down by my craziness I can go back and feel the joy of those moments.

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