Hi, I’m Leia and I’m an App-oholic!


Let’s talk about Apps, Baby…

Let’s talk about them and me…

Let’s talk about all the good things, all the bad things that may be.

Let’s talk about Apps. Let’s talk about Apps.

Being an adult is difficult. Being an adult woman is challenging. Being a mom is demanding. Put them together and you get the perfect storm! I am not ashamed to say that I will use anything and everything that claims to make my life easier. That is why, I would probably give you a kidney before I would hand over my phone.

I use apps. Everyday. For Everything. I use it to Google things. I use it for Facebook and all other social media. I use it to analyze my social media accounts. I use it to read and write blogs. I track what I eat, how much I weigh, how much I exercise and how many steps I take. I listen to music. I keep up with all my banking and passwords. I create funny pictures. I use it to tell me where I am going and how to get there. I use it to email, message, text and call. I use it to entertain my kids, when need be. It is my connection to who I am. I love it; it is my precious.

I have six pages of apps on my phone, and most are condensed into groups. I am an APP-OHOLIC. I scroll through the Apple App Store for fun. The following picture makes my heart have palpitations. It truly is a disease.

apps I'm an App-oholic livinglifeasleia

Class Assignment: Download an app for a product/service/company.

Ok, easy. I primarily shop at Wal-Mart. I already have the Wal-Mart and Sam’s apps but lately I find myself visiting Winn Dixie. (As an early post depicted, you know your life has changed when going to the grocery store is a vacation!) That’s the truth!! I could spend hours just walking up and down the aisles of food, contemplating life and what type of honey mustard to buy. There I go daydreaming about Rouse’s or Publix’s, we don’t have them here, but they are fantastic chains. I visit them every opportunity I have.

So, I downloaded the Winn Dixie app. The app was easy to find. It had 84 reviews and only two stars. Eh, that’s not good. Once it was securely located on page 7…I opened it. The registration process was a pain. Small fields…if I navigated off the page it deleted the information keyed in…just an overall pain. So far, not so good.

The app itself seems ok. It’s not very pretty, if you know what I mean. The main page has a savings button, a shopping list button, locator button, and a setting button. The savings button has a category menu… that lists the “sale” price on items. The sales price is what it costs with your savings card…you can easily add it to your shopping list from there. The app is simple and easy to use with no real bells and whistles to mention. I liked that at the bottom of the screen it had a flashing banner ad…that advertised products. If you click on it, it takes you to that product so you can add it to your shopping list. It does include global positioning so you can select the store closest to your home, or whatever zip code you enter. It also has a locator, if you are traveling. Overall, I would give the app a two-star rating. It does tell you what is on sale, but it doesn’t offer you anything extra for using the app.   It is basically a grocery list app. I doubt I will let it eat up my memory.  To be honest, it needs some work and with what they are charging for groceries I would think they could afford it.

20 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Leia and I’m an App-oholic!

  1. Ah, yes…someone else who likes to saunter through the aisles of a supermarket and be happy as a clam. I’m sad to say that there are some substandard grocery store apps and it’s a shame they don’t capitalize on this more. Safeway is heads above the competition in the DC area.

    I really got a kick out of your post. I have always been somewhat skeptical of the majority of mobile applications not being of value, but after this week’s exercise, I have discovered much of what I’ve been missing. Sure, there are some apps that are going to be duds–but that’s okay–it’s called, “uninstall.” Your post gave me a new lease on mobile apps. I know I’ll ever be as savvy as you are but that’s okay. You’re that one go-to person in everyone’s circle of friends to demystify any questions about “what do you recommend” or “how do I get the most out of this app?”

    Thanks Leia for a great post!


    • Thank you for your comments! I think it’s funny…as long as we have food in the house I think I’m a success in life. (Hence my frequent trips to the grocery) I actually just unloaded groceries from my car…
      Apps are fun! You’re right… Uninstall is always an option. I think that will be my new career…I am looking for a job… I’ll charge for kicks and app reviews! Anyone hiring?


  2. As a Northerner, I confess I don’t know Publix or Winn Dixie. It’s all about Wegmans (which has a pretty fabulous app) up here. From the way you describe it, though, I’m tempted; work takes me to Charleston, S.C., a few times a year, and I’ll keep my eyes peeled when I’m there.

    Based on your insightful post, however, I will not bother with the app while I’m down there. I feel like so many places have a social presence because they feel like they can’t not have it, as opposed to because they’re itching to spread the gospel and/or take advantage of all the possibilities.

    The irony is that food lends itself to so many great things. Suggested pairings, recipes, pictures, factoids: The possibilities go on and on. I’m thinking about two specialized food companies, Zingerman’s and Trader Joe’s. Both of them make a point of turning the food-buying experience into something intriguing and adventuresome, not just the weekly filling of your cart. (Zingerman’s charges you plenty for the privilege, but still …) It sounds like Winn Dixie missed a great opportunity.

    P.S. Is that really your mom chiming in?


    • Thank you for commenting. I can not adequately describe how much I love a good grocery store. Winn Dixie is missing out. I agree with you about companies just jumping on the app bandwagon without taking the time to make it really useful…I would rather them not have an app at all rather then have a bad app.

      And yes, that’s my mom. She thinks I’m the worlds greatest and that someone should pay me for breathing. I keep trying to get her to stop but she’s a mom, she has earned the right to be obnoxiously proud. (Even if it’s undeserving)

      Sent from my iPhone



  3. I loved your blog so much last week Leia I had to read yours this week too, especially given how enticing the intro was. I simply love your writing style! I couldn’t agree more that I love the apps that make my life easier, but I am also an anti-clutter and easily overwhelmed individual so I keep my apps to more of a minimum. However, I also have some of the same apps you mentioned (i.e. exercise and weight tracking, apps for class/writing, etc.).
    Being a Publix girl myself (Yes, sorry – I had to brag, there are tons here in Gainesville), I am not surprised that Publix out performs Winn Dixie when it some to apps. I did my app assignment on Publix, and like many other aspects of the two stores, Publix wins the superiority award.


    • Hi Kaitlin!
      Thank you so much for posting. It’s nice to have return visitors. I feel like we are friends. I tend to write anything that comes into my mind…sometimes it can be all over the place. I am like you, I am very organized and do not like clutter. If an app doesn’t work well and doesn’t provide value I delete it. The Winn Dixie app is gone…not worth the trouble. My husband is originally from Cocoa Beach and is a graduate of UF. He actually worked at Publix through high school and college. We love it… it’s an overall great company. We don’t have great grocery stores where we live now. I really do love exploring them. Almost every vacation I visit grocery chains. We actually got thrown out of one in Rome for taking pictures of their amazing seafood display…I guess we were scaring the dead fish or maybe they thought we were grocery store spies. They were yelling and throwing their hands all about…we got out of there fast. Thanks again… I’m off to read your blog now.


  4. Part of me expects more from Winn Dixie in regards to their app and part of me is not surprised at all that their app presents a challenge to those using it. Something as simple as creating a login should not be so difficult to do and it sounds like they make this a real pain! I like that you can look up what items are on sale and what items are not. Winn Dixie has some really great deals with their Fuel Perks program so I would be interested in downloading the app if it told me what items I could purchase each week to earn extra fuel perks. Adding a Fuel Perk section to the app would likely increase the number of downloads an users as well as increase activity within the app. I would definitely shop at Winn Dixie more if I could look and see what items were eligible for bonus fuel perks each week prior to my trip to the grocery store, but without an app to tell me that information, I head over to Publix every time.


    • Kayla!
      I agree. Winn Dixie has that reputation, I think. I really didn’t know if it would be a great app or a not-so-great app… after all, it’s Winn Dixie. To say the login process was difficult is an understatement. It was so aggravating I almost picked another company all together. After installing the app, I did receive an email that talked more about Fuel perks…and bogo deals… I don’t know why they can’t incorporate that into their app. If we had a Publix…I would not shop Winn Dixie. My husband is from Cocoa Beach and every time we come home…we stop at Publix. He actually worked there through college. I may download their app just to compare. Thanks for replying. I really appreciate your comments.


  5. I agree with your post in the sense that for such a big companies to work on a very good app it must be mandatory.
    It looks like there is not coupon, not review ??
    An app need to bring value to the business, can not only be a way to navigate the website, it should contain different features that help the user to have a more friendly experience and to build trust and engagement with the company.
    You seem to love apps, but you stated also that you need them for something or to help you on some specific duty, well I agree an app can became successful only if it creates that value for which you continue to use it constantly.
    The Global position is very important, so at least you can find them anywhere when you in the car in different area of the country.
    Out of curiosity which is the app you most like and why?


    • Hi Research 77!
      Thank you for commenting on my post. I use the Facebook app the most…but now that I am managing pages for some various companies I am using Klout and Hootsuite a lot. I use Google multiple times a day. I also use My Fitness Pal every day. I am constantly on my phone. It is annoying.

      What about you? What apps do you use the most?


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