That’s how the cookie crumbles…

I am a mom.

What does that mean? Well, I am always trying to save money. Always.

As a communications professional, I am well aware of brands, branding image, and the importance of everything those terms stand for. As a mom, though, I shop generic. Did you know that generic brands are made with the same ingredients as their name-brand counterparts? Shopping at the grocery store: generic. Prescriptions at the pharmacy: generic. Cosmetics, you guessed it, generic. In my household, names do not matter, price does. I’ll buy off-brand shoes, jeans, hair products, and whatever else, as long as it is of quality and has a cheaper price tag. After all, the more I save, the more I can buy.

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This week, I was challenged to evaluate my FAVORITE brand and illustrate how they are successful in using multimedia to reach their customers. This assignment caused me to think deeply about the brands that I use. What do I buy based on the brand alone? What company has reached me on such a level that I would forgo saving my family money? What products do I love?  What can I not LIVE WITHOUT? Don’t mistake me, I love brands. I have campaigns and companies that I admire for their marketing savvy, but I wanted to figure out the one brand that I would sacrifice all other competitors for, regardless of price.

Well-Known World Brand Logotypes

It took a while.

Then the answer came to me.


Oreos. Yes, I said it. Oreos. Specifically, golden ones.

I love them.

I crave them.

I DO NOT share them.

Not only are they “Milk’s favorite cookie,” but also my favorite product in the world. I have been known to eat an entire bag in half a day. We have a little ritual, Oreo and I.

I carefully select six of the delicious treats and a glass of milk, and, yes, I said six.  7 is too many, and 5 is not enough. Those little cookies provide me which such satisfaction my toes curl.

Only Nabisco (Kraft Foods), gets it right for me. It is the only product that I will not substitute. So, let’s take a look at why I love them so. Besides offering deliciousness, Oreo is a BRAND leader. According to, Smart Cookie (2013), Oreo, America’s best-loved cookie (I thought it was just me!), is a global brand. Being 102 years old, this cookie has been around the block a few times. Born in New York City, “Oreo has grown to become the best selling cookie brand of the 21st century generating $1.5 billion in global annual revenues.” In 2014, Oreo ranked 21st in Food Brands Ranked by Digital IQ, 3rd in Kid’s Most Loved Brands, 4th in Moms’ Most Loved Brands, and 24th in The Brand Footprint Global Ranking Top 50. The list goes on and on.

There is no doubt that Oreo has had many outstanding advertising campaigns and social media successes; Oreo’s Super Bowl Tweet: ‘You Can Still Dunk In The Dark.’ is one of those successes. A company does not reach the level of brand recognition that Oreo has experienced without ingenuity and creative marketing. The most effective companies focus on IMC, or integrated marketing communication, a cross-functional process for creating and nourishing profitable relationships with customers and others by strategically controlling or influencing all messages sent to these groups and encouraging data-driven, purposeful dialogue with them. That is a mouth full, but it works. IMC is critical to every multimedia campaign.

We have learned that it takes seven touches, or connections, for consumers to take notice of a product or respond to a call to action. How companies achieve that is by using a variety of marketing channels. As you can imagine, the more channels that a brand uses, the more likely they are to get noticed. Oreo seems to have mastered this technique.

The Oreo message, the brand’s image, can be seen on the brand’s website, which links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This is an excellent example of cross-promotion. The website has a status box which shows the feed from the other social channels. Oreo also uses television commercials, billboards, and print ads. In all these channels, content is key and personalization matters. In Lessons in Loyalty from the World’s Top Social Brands (2014), Caitlin Whitehurst explains how Oreo engages their loyal customers, “the cream-filled snack routinely ranks on the analytics company Socialbakers’ list of top 10 brands on Facebook.” The article also states, “Oreo is heavily focused on visuals and multimedia, which today’s audience craves,” said Stacey Miller, a social media expert at OutMarket. “No one is going to read about a cookie.”

Just the other day, I was watching television, and an Oreo commercial came on. It brought me to tears. Tears. Sometimes, commercials just speak to you. Oreo, my dear friend, you did it again.

listen to the song in my sidebar, as well as fan versions from soundcloud.


See, I wasn’t lying. I do truly love Oreo, especially eating them. Oreo’s Wonderfilled commercial prompted me to stop what I was doing, look the video up on YouTube, and update my status on Facebook, sharing the video with my friends. Oreo knows how to communicate with people. It stirs emotions and encourages people to participate. According to, 6 Brands That Will Have You Rethinking Your Social Media Marketing Strategy (2014), one of the ways the company does this across most channels, (you can’t play a video in print, yet) is by using “catchy videos that will engage you with the brand in unexpected ways.” These 30 second clips are effective, captivating and perfect for sharing. (see Wonderfilled campaign)

It’s exciting to think that me sharing their video weeks ago was part of their marketing strategy AND I did so without ever thinking about it.

There is no doubt that Oreo is a brand leader, not only in traditional media and public perception, but also in regards to it’s social media presence.

Oreo’s Facebook Metrics

Twitter Metrics

Instagram Metrics

YouTube Metrics

As you can see, Oreo is taking advantage of social media channels, website, television, as well as print advertisement and billboards in BIG WAYS. They are effectively using multimedia to integrate their brand message, solidifying their image.  Watch Video.

Read more about: The Martin Agency helps Oreo celebrate its 100th birthday with these incredible interweaving projections in Times Square.

Oreo’s success is largely in part to this use of multimedia and fan engagement. The other part, they taste DELICIOUS.

I think I will go get some now.

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What are your thoughts?

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