Oh, that OREO!!!


For those of you that read my blog last week, we have already established that Oreo knows what they are doing when it comes to integrated marketing communications. The Oreo brand uses traditional, as well as social media, to perpetuate its brand message. It is America’s Favorite Cookie, after all. This week we are going to look at how well Oreo incorporates push and pull marketing strategies into their marketing mix.

uh ohUh, oh! Oreo! As far as their online marketing strategy goes, Oreo does not seem to be pushing much… other than  deliciousness.

Oh, how I love those cookies.

Upon entering, the Oreo website, you reach a beautifully designed page. It has a drop down menu, with links to Wonderfilled, Mini, Recipes, a Twist Lick Dunk app and Follow Oreo, which links you to all social media accounts.   The bulk of the main page is a scrolling menu with three choices: a picture of Oreo Balls and a link to get the recipe; a link to watch new videos; or a link to the new Mini Oreo site. The landing page also contains a social media box with all their social accounts scrolling feeds.

As far as push marketing, you won’t find any obnoxious pop-ups asking for your email on Oreos site, there isn’t a place to sign in, actually, there isn’t a place to input any information… anywhere. Refreshingly, when you click on the recipe page, you do not have to give away your email address to receive that recipe, or any of the 100+ recipes they offer, for that matter. (I guess I won’t be receiving any email blasts from Oreo.) When you visit, just enjoy yourself, get what you came for and be on your way.

As for as off-site, we know Oreo uses print ads, television, billboards and that their products are advertised in direct mail sales papers. However, on-site, they aren’t really pushing you towards anything, other than to eat Oreos. Don’t get me wrong, Oreo does push its brand message but not in intrusive or unwelcome ways. They just make you want them. The videos for the newest campaign, Wonderfilled, are on television and YouTube, there are print advertisements featuring this campaign, as well.

Janda Lukin, director of Oreos, states that the Wonderfilled campaign, “started as a simple idea that something as mundane as sharing an Oreo could positively affect the world.” A variety of singers have posted videos, and you find yourself searching for more to watch as they come to an end.

Oreo excels in pulling customers into the sites once they connect with the website or social media accounts. Oreos posts are timely, relevant and humorous. As seen in last year’s Super Bowl tweet, Oreo is remarkably up-to-date on current events and occasions (somehow also working Oreo into everything). Oreos pull marketing techniques may be subtle, but they are there. They have of course, invested in SEO, with their keywords being:

“wonderfilled, wonder, song, dunk, video, cookie, doublestuf, mini,nabisco, chocolate sandwich, goldenoreo,nabiscoworld” />


Oreo is easily found. They maintain and are active on social media accounts. They create and share tons of videos, and encourage consumers to post videos, as well. There is a blog of sorts, connected to Oreos site, snackworks, it is primarily recipes but does seem to have some lifestyle articles.


Their freshest content on the website would be in the form of videos, social media updates, and offering a new recipe. On social platforms, the content is always fresh and catchy. Most of the content posted are cute advertisements and information on new products. Oreo is consistent at pushing their brand message and images, in subtle non-direct ways. They may give you a recipe, which causes you to purchase their product to use in that recipe. The clever ad, well, it just makes you hungry.


oreo 2

oreo 3

Oreos mobile view is excellent, functional, and doesn’t feel like it is missing any of the charms of the full site. Every page of the website has social sharing buttons or ways to link to Oreos social accounts.

I just love this brand!!!

If I had to suggest something for improvement, perhaps they could offer an e-newsletter or a permanent on-site blog. (Hey, I’ll write it… for FREE… or on second thought, maybe I could work for cookies!!) These informative pieces could contain recipes and kid-friendly activities, perhaps funny stories about customers, highlight employees, etc.. I would sign up for it. It would add to the personalization of the brand and continue the connection that Oreo is creating with social media. Occasionally, it could include a coupon for those of us that buy so many!!!


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