Let’s get blogging…



1.  a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.

1995-2000; shortening of weblog

Examples of some of my favorite blogs:

 Quirky Momma 2015-02-01_2215

quirkymomma.com or kidsactivitiesblog.com

 I found this site on Facebook about two years ago. As many of you already know, I am a mother of two boys so this site was especially appealing to me. It offers GREAT kids’ activities, printable activity sheets and calendars, snack and dinner ideas …you name it, Quirky Momma has it. I would consider this blog a semi-professional to a professional mom blog. It has two primary authors, Holly Homer & Rachel Miller, and a third blogger and content manager, Jamie Harrington. It appears that all three work on this full time. The site features new material multiple times a week. Holly, Rachel, and Jamie, “are on a mission to reveal the kitchen junk drawer as a place of inspiration for kids’ art, crafts, games and learning activities.” Kids’ Activities Blog, “exists because parenting is fun.”

Again, I found this site on Facebook. It popped up in my newsfeed one day and grabbed my attention. It had a FREE printable. I love printables, especially the free kind. I casually liked the page, and I can honestly say I have liked every post since. I only read the articles on Facebook and most are “saved” for later or for when I remember they are there. This blog is chopped full of wonderful ‘mom’ things. The posts are always unique, colorful and eye-catching, and the links always work. When they advertise things for free, they are really free. I have never been asked to sign up for anything to receive one of their offerings.  I did sign up tonight, as I was reviewing their site.  I love the information they share and I don’t want to miss a thing.


Quirky Momma has quite a fan base as well.  They have over 700,000 Facebook fans, 15,000 Twitter followers, 75,000 followers on Pinterest, and Google+ has over 43,000 connections.


The website has many advertisers, and Holly has a section where she reviews products. The site has many links to resources and other sites. When searching for Quirky Momma, the site comes right up in Google search results and their SEO has been optimized by YOAST. They have a huge following. I would assume that traffic was driven from word of mouth. Mom’s liking what other moms like. Moms want to have resources like this. Rainy days and boredom demand activities, and resources like these are priceless. One of the key features is that it is all in one location. I do not have to spend valuable time going from site to site. It is all here.

I would classify this blog as successful.

It is about connecting and sharing, children and fun.

If I had to suggest an improvement, it would be that it looked more like a website than a blog. I prefer blogs that list blog posts by date. This site, although organized, seemed cluttered.

There were several advertisers, mostly car brands, and credit cards. I would like to see more children’s advertisers. Fat Brain Toys or Crayola, would be good for this site, more from companies that have a connection to children and moms.

The Budget Mama



I also found this site on Facebook. I liked it because a friend of mine had liked it. It has one author, Jessi. She lives in Georgia and started this blog to help her family. It is all about saving money while raising a family. I would consider this blog recreational to semi-professional. The site features new material multiple times a week. Budget Mama has 3965 fans on Facebook, 1636 followers on Twitter, 1082 followers on Instagram, and 7212 followers on Pinterest. In one section of her blog, EARN $$$, Jessie talks about how long it took her to monetize her blog and admits to turning a profit. The website has a few advertisers, and the site has many links to resources and outside sources. When searching for Budget Mama, the site comes right up in Google search results, and its SEO has been optimized by YOAST, as well. Here, I would also have to assume that traffic was driven from word of mouth. Mom’s liking what other moms like. The topic is relevant to many families, and her title and posts are geared toward women.

I would classify this blog as successful, yet still growing. It is about connecting and sharing, but it specifically focuses on family finances.  You can clearly see that this author wants her blog to be a money-maker for her family. (I do not blame her.) The only suggestion I would make is to perfect her design a bit. It does have the “blog” feel that I like, but it does not feel extremely professional. She lists sponsors and affiliates. Suggestions for advertisers would be credit cards, budgeting software, banks, anything money or saving related. Her sponsors now are 3D fiber lashes and essential oils.

Post Planner



So by now I’m sure you guess where I discovered Post Planner. Yep, Facebook. Post Planner is an app on Facebook, which I use to manage content for my clients. I love it, and I love this blog. This is without doubt a professional blog. It has several authors and they post multiple times a day. Since it is part of Facebook, it is highly promoted. The topics range from all things social media to selfies. They have 98,900 fans on Facebook, 16.8k followers on Twitter, and even though they are FACEBOOK, they have almost 1500 on Google+.

I would classify this blog as remarkably successful. I, along with thousands of others, read the material it posts everyday. Everyone using social media for business wants to know more about how to use Facebook for business.  You start to crave the information, and no one offers insight quite like post planner. No advertisements are needed on this blog; it is clean, refreshing, and the content is diverse.  The only suggestion I would make to post planner is that they re-use their content a LOT!  I know this because I read almost everything they post.  I know that it is hard to come up with something new everyday, but if they have to re-post content, I would space it out a little more.




So, as you can see, there are all types of blogs. You do not have to create a certain kind of blog  or fit into a particular category to be successful. Producing new content drives traffic. Each of the examples above, post often and use Twitter to push the message out. They are all using widgets and have links to multiple social sharing sites, either to share the article or to connect with them. Each of the sites create original content. They are all easy to subscribe to and offer a wealth of information. All three are in the infant stages of brand building, and right now are building their audience and creating their niche.

 Blogging is not easy, it is a time commitment, but as you can see success can be achieved on multiple levels.


What are your thoughts?

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