Social Media Engagement


Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of this program is to encourage Shutterfly customers to engage in positive interaction with our brand on social media and to drive traffic to our website to download our mobile apps.

  • Receive 2,000 or more submissions to the contest via our Instagram page
  • Increase downloads of our mobile apps on tablets and phones by 15%

Brand Engagement Idea

We know our customers are content creators, so we thought it would be fun to let them show us their creativity in a user-generated content contest.  Plus, we’re Shutterfly, so a photo contest makes sense.  Our users love photos and this contest allows us to showcase the photography of our most loyal customers!

7Get the App Photo Contest

Since the goal of the contest is to upload a photo and download the app – our theme will be #upanddown.  The rules are very simple.  Take a picture that relates to the up and down theme and upload the photo to Instagram.  Be sure to tag us @shutterfly and use the hashtags #upanddown and #gettheapp.  Then download the Shutterfly app that works with your phone or tablet.


It is strongly suggested that entrants download the app, and technically part of the official rules.  Therefore, we are making Get the App the primary message of the contest. Customers should understand that downloading the app is our intention.  We are also encouraging the winners to apply their winning coupon codes to an app order.

The Get the App Photo Contest will be open for entries for two weeks (February 14 – February 28).  Several winners will be chosen and their photo will be showcased on our social pages and our website following the contest.  Winners will also earn discount and free product codes that are redeemable on the Shutterfly apps.  Winners will be determined by most double taps on Instagram and a few will be chosen by Shutterfly.

1st Place – Instagram Choice 1,000 prints free from Shutterfly app
2nd Place – Instagram Choice Free Premium Photo Book from app
3rd Place – Instagram Choice 50% off your next app order
1st Place – Shutterly Choice 1,000 prints free from Shutterfly app
2nd Place – Shutterfly Choice Free Premium Photo Book from app
3rd Place – Shutterfly Choice 50% off your next app order

Winners will be based on the most double taps (likes) on a photo. We will encourage participants to promote their photo contest entry, share their photo on their personal pages, and ask friends to like their picture on our page, thus driving more traffic to @Shutterfly.


Social Media Channel

The Get the App Photo Contest will take place on Instagram.  Instagram is the social media platform synonymous with beautiful photographs, which makes it the perfect place to showcase a photo contest.  Instagram is user-friendly and will allow contestants to quickly upload their photos, share their entries and name a favorite with a quick double tap.

Our target market consists of avid Instagram users so this connection will contribute to a low barrier to entry.

Target Market

The largest target market for Shutterfly is women. Women tend to be the chief memory-makers in any household. Many of the women who use Shutterfly are middle to upper class. They generally reside in nice neighborhoods and most would be considered working moms.


4 overlapping target types:

Bundle of Joy: Women aged 21-40. Married. HHI $50K. Child under 2 years of age.

Soccer Moms: Women aged 25-54. Married. HHI $50K. Child between the ages of 6-11.

Happily Ever After: Women ages 18-34. HHI $45K. Recently married.

Bon Voyagers: Women ages 25-34. HHI $50K. Travel Often.

These women prefer using their tablets and smartphones. They can take and upload photos straight from their devices, which is exactly why Instagram is so suited to this contest.

Call to Action

This contest is mainly an engagement call to action. It will encourage both current and prospective customers to engage with Shutterfly. As outlined above customers will be required to take a photo that relates to the hashtag #upanddown and then download the app. Once they download the app they can see how simple it is to order prints from the online app, even the image, they used to enter the competition. As Shutterfly is an online company, we will advertise the competition on our website but also on our Facebook page as this is how many of our customers keep up to date with Shutterfly.


Outcome and Measurement

Using Piqora, we will be able to see what photos drive the most engagement. Piqora provides you all the data you need to track how much engagement the contest is having. You can also monitor and track every hashtag you are using through your Instagram posts. The numbers of participants on Instagram will be relatively easy to measure as the hashtag allows us to see all images that have been submitted and is connected to the user. We can also calculate the number of app downloads. More time-consuming will be to determine, of those app downloads, who entered the Instagram competition. It will be a case of cross-checking user details. Another stat that could be measured would be of those Instagram entrants and app downloads, who then used the app to order prints.

What are your thoughts?

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