Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Sample Post. For educational purposes only. This week’s assignment involves responding to positive and negative hotel reviews. The following examples are customer posts from two hotels and sample responses on how I would answer them as the social media manager handling PR for the hotels.

Hyatt Regency Orlando


Hi, Travelwith3kiddos!!

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with Hyatt Regency Orlando, formerly The Peabody!! As the social media manager of the hotel, I cannot adequately describe the importance of your satisfaction. We, everyone at the hotel, love hearing about our guests experiences, especially when it pertains to your interactions with our professional and consciences staff. We strive for excellence and the only way to reach it is through responding to guests experiences.

It isn’t surprising that we were able to meet most of your accommodation requests!! We strive to acquiesce as many of our guests requests as possible. Not having a room overlooking one of our three pools is disappointing, but we are glad you were pleased with all other aspects of your hotel room. Don’t you just love the new contemporary and chic décor? We think it perfectly complements the premium amenities, including Hyatt Grand Beds®, flat-screen TVs, seating areas, plush bathrobes, and iPod® docking stations.

As to the pool, we are happy to hear that your kids enjoyed the slides and cascading waterfalls!! These are always a favorite among guests! It is unfortunate that it rained during your stay, but as you know, Florida weather can be unpredictable and is an unwavering part of Florida life. With summer storms, debris sometimes gets carried into the pool, but as you can see, keeping our pools clean is a priority. A standard rule is to have pools clean within one to two hours of a storm’s passing.

I am pleased that you experienced the 24-hour B-Line Diner during your stay!! This is one of my favorites and I love to watch the episodes on the Food Network that feature it. Among other things, it can always be counted on for a great late night dinner and a delicious homemade dessert. We apologize that you had to wait at The Cappricio (now Fiorenzo Italian Steakhouse). This has happened to me before and I try to remind myself that all things worthwhile are worth the wait. This can be extremely hard when I am hungry, though! The restaurant is a popular choice among our guests, so even with a reservation, sometimes guests are asked to wait until a table opens up.

As you know, the Hyatt Regency is conveniently located in the heart of Orlando, minutes away from Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, Disney World and the Orange County Convention Center, making it an ideal choice for business conventions and meetings, as well as family vacations and getaways. Parking charges are often an issue for most hotels, and we strive to give you the most value we can for the price. As you took advantage of the self-parking option, we hope that you enjoyed the golf cart shuttle service from the car to the door. We are happy that you also took advantage of our shuttle service. Guests appreciate the low-cost option of being transported to and from local attractions. We also are now able to offer guests the opportunity to enjoy the I-Ride Trolley that runs up and down destination-packed International Drive. Click this link for more information on the new service.

We look forward to seeing you at the Hyatt Regency again soon!! Please send me an email at when you plan your next stay, I would love to introduce myself.

Leia Agnew Hill
Social Media Manager, Hyatt Regency Orlando

The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina

As a representative of The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina, let me first apologize for a less than satisfactory experience with our hotel. We, all of us at the hotel, are very sorry and embarrassed to hear you didn’t enjoy your stay. The issues that were present during your stay absolutely do not represent the experience we strive to provide our guests.

Secondly, let me thank you for writing this review!! The only possible way to improve is through guest comments and experiences, and here at The Hilton, we are always working to be the best!! Your review has prompted an overview/overhaul of all rooms, and staff expectations/ responsibilities. The issues you pointed out, specifically to your room, have already been handled. We also appreciate you pointing out the issue with the gate box, without customers like you, we may have never known this problem existed. We will be adding a shield to the parking lot gate box, so future guests don’t experience burned fingers thanks to the Florida sun.

Probably the most disappointing to me was that you didn’t enjoy our heated outdoor swimming pool. This is always a guest favorite!! Unfortunately, during windy times of years, sometimes the wind blows debris into the pools. This also occurs when guests leave their newspapers unattended. I can assure you that steps will be taken to remedy this.

Thank you again, for your feedback and allowing us the opportunity to address these very important issues with The Hilton staff. We would hope that it won’t be ten years until we see you again. I can assure you that immediate improvements were made because of your visit and I believe you would be very pleased to see that you made a difference.

I hope you’ll visit The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina soon and give us the opportunity to regain your endorsement. Please send me an email at when you plan your next stay, I would love to introduce myself.

Leia Agnew Hill
Social Media Manager, The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina

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