IMC for Florida Kids and Family Expo

Florida Kids and Family Expo

AN INTEGRATED MARKETING PROPOSAL for Florida Kids and Family Expo ~

August 29-30, 2015

Final Project for Multimedia Communication. For educational purposes only.


The Florida Kids and Family Expo was created to serve as a compliment to the website My Central Florida Family is a resource for families in central Florida.  On the website, you’ll find the latest news, information, events, activities, and opportunities offered to families living in the central Florida area. The Florida Kids and Family Expo is the largest event for kids and families in central Florida. The Florida Kids and Family Expo will be held annually (starting in 2015) at the Orange County Convention Center and features about 150 exhibitors, interactive stations, and live entertainment. Serving as a one-stop-shop for kids and families, this two-day family event hopes to bring together over 15,000 family members eager to learn about new products and services that will make their lives simpler and more enriched.

For the parents/families attending, it is an opportunity to see what’s available for kids and families in the central Florida area. There is access to information on doctors, healthcare, schools, entertainment, birthday parties and businesses and organizations that can enrich your children and your family’s experiences and is age appropriate and family-friendly. Major goals of the event are to inform parents and entertain children.

For exhibitors, it is a great place to attract dads, moms, teenagers, kids, preschoolers, toddlers, infants, moms-to-be, foster parents, guardians, and grandparents, all part of the target audience. The Florida Kids and Family Expo is the number one opportunity to connect face-to-face with these decision makers and family influencers.

The event will be held August 29-30, 2015. Tickets are $5 for children (3-17), $8 for adults (18+) and free for kids 2 and under in advance. At the door, the door fees are $8 for children (3-17), $10 for adults (18+) and kids 2 and under will still be free. Held at the Orange County Convention Center, the unofficial theme for the event: Beat the Summer Heat: Come get out of the heat and enjoy some indoor fun for less than the cost of a movie!

The website is a new endeavor started by 3 women in central Florida. They first launched the website,, to gain general interest and become a resource for central Florida families. Their primary mission, however, is to run a successful event: the Florida Kids and Family Expo.

The target audience is families/parents/grandparents with young children (ages 11 or younger primarily, but 12 to 17 is also targeted) that will attend the event. Another target audience is businesses related to family services, these are targeted to exhibit at the event.

The Florida Kids and Family Expo’s biggest strength is the amount of information a parent/caregiver can gain in one convenient location, as well as the fact that children can not only attend the event but also be entertained at each of the booths and throughout the exhibition. There are no other expos/events like this one in central Florida, so Florida Kids and Family Expo has the opportunity to capitalize on being the only exhibition that provides sought after information to the families of that area. It is highly likely that this event could become extremely popular and well-known as the best family event held throughout the year.

An integrated marketing strategy, explained in detail on the web page titled, Marketing Communications, that utilizes various multimedia communication channels would be beneficial for the Florida Kids and Family Expo. An Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy puts out the same message on multiple communication channels, so the brand’s message can make an impact, a strong connection, with consumers.

In order to be successful at IMC, The Florida Kids and Family Expo should produce consistent content that is engaging and relevant to their target audience. By producing this type of content and engaging with consumers, The Florida Kids and Family Expo will form real relationships with consumers, and consumers will be converted into event/brand enthusiasts. Once consumers are excited about the event, they will start to share information about the event with all of their connections, and this will help Florida Kids and Family Expo to establish event/brand recognition and increase attendance.

Three helpful videos to help understand this concept can be found below:

What is Integrated Marketing Communications and why is it important?

When developing an IMC plan for The Florida Kids and Family Expo, focusing on the content being produced on the brand’s website, and social media channels should be a priority. Simple tasks like regularly posting on all social channels and incorporating event specific keywords into the content, will help The Florida Kids and Family Expo increase SEO and reach company goals. Increasing brand engagement by cross-promoting social media platforms, and holding contests to get social media followers more engaged with the event/brand would also serve the event well.

Budgeting for IMC can be difficult. Reaching our target audience and spending advertising dollars effectively is one of the biggest challenges. IMC is maximized by using what is already in place to the fullest extent. Specifically, The Florida Kids and Family Expo could utilize the newsletter and captured emails that they already have in place to market the event. Newsletter recipients could receive special promotions and invites for reduced pricing or special insights to the event. Using the emails from the newsletter signup, Florida Kids and Family Expo could use AWeber Constant Contact, iContact, ExactTarget or others services to also offer specials and discounts. Email could also serve to send important reminders of event dates. Television commercials, radio promotions, print advertisements in local / area newspapers and publications, signage in local participating businesses, newsletters, emails, and social media posts all could create an intensive and effective IMC campaign for the Florida Kids and Family Expo. Investing in a tool like HootSuite, would be helpful. The brand could post on multiple social media networks throughout the day, without having to constantly log in and out of each individual network. HootSuite would also allow the brand to automate social media posts and analyze what posts are being responded to. It is also beneficial to see a complete schedule of posts. This ensures that all social channels are published to appropriately and gives a picture of the overall event/brand image that is being pushed out.

The Florida Kids and Family Expo has the potential to be an extremely successful event. Families in central Florida are fortunate to have this event, caulked full of helpful information for parents, and fun, educational things for children. They are already well on their way to success. By utilizing a fully integrated marketing communication plan this could become the best event of the year in central Florida.


What are your thoughts?

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