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Goodmorning Joe!!!

With the future of Morning Joe being a bit shaky, Scarborough would be well-advised to update his strategy.

Revlon: Feedback on Facebook

#LOVEISON    As women, cosmetics are part of everyday life. Even if they do not wear makeup, women are exposed to and have probably purchased, facial cleansing products, hair care items, or beauty tools. For men, it is the same, even without the use of makeup, men are probably familiar with many cosmetic brands. With […]
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Social Media vs. Traditional Media

It is important for businesses to understand each of these types of media and use them together to reach their goals.

Integrating Social Media Channels

The importance of integrating traditional media with social media is clearly apparent. Using one type of media is good, but employing both traditional and social media is better. With the implementation of some relatively straightforward tactics, it is not difficult to accomplish this integration.


DEFINITION Facebook is a free social networking website that makes it easy for people to connect and share with family and friends online. The social media platform incorporates a newsfeed of aggregated stories, posts, photos and videos from friends — all updated in real time. The timeline functionality on a user’s profile page organizes life […]
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