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Let’s Kick It…

A wise friend told me today, “The best way to be happy is to give joy to others. It is hard not to be happy when you make someone else smile. Keep your eyes forward. The future is made out of what we do today.” Neil Hatten – the next Dalai Lama.

Google This, Baby

Now, to be clear, we are not talking about character. Character and reputation are two very different things.

Hi, I’m Leia and I’m an App-oholic!

I have six pages of apps on my phone, and most are condensed into groups. I am an app-oholic. I scroll through the Apple App Store for fun. It truly is a disease.

Creating a NEW Life

After spending some time, as said leggy blond, I went back and edited her a bit. Unbelievable, as it was, I wanted her to be more like me. I shortened her down to 5.2’, thickened her legs a bit, widened her nose…but I left her blond and big boob’ed…Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?

Analyzing Answers: a CLOSER look into Internet Intrigue

It was torture to watch people “currently responding”, stop responding at 94% complete. I was screaming at the computer, like it was a horror film…just keep going, you are almost there, don’t stop, NO!!!, Don’t GO BACK…and then they were gone…dead to me! I could click, and click the refresh button until my fingers were sore (and I did)…they just weren’t coming back.

Internet Intrigue: What are you using it for?

Internet Intrigue: What are you using it for? A Survey I have always enjoyed taking surveys.  The idea that someone is interested in my opinion makes me want to help them by giving my input.  I especially like simple, multiple-choice questions and surveys that use humor; it’s just another clever way to connect with your […]
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Have you ever wondered what happens when you type a word in the google search bar? Did you know that little digital robots and spiders are sent crawling all over the internet looking for keywords to bring you viable search results? Well, it’s true!