Looking for Leia? Well, here she is!

Are you looking for someone to manage your social media efforts and create an exciting new outreach geared towards moms traveling with kids? If you are, look no further, here I am!. My name is Leia Hill and I am passionate about three things; my family, travel, and social media.

Insta Insta Read all about it…

I will never forget eating dinner with several of my younger friends early last year. We were eating dinner and talking about social media when one said to me, “Facebook is dead. All the cool people use Instagram.” Immediately,I started using Instagram more. Who doesn’t want to be cool?

Let’s get blogging…

So, as you can see, there are all types of blogs. You do not have to be a certain kind or fit into a particular category to be successful. Producing new content drives traffic. Each of the examples post often and use Twitter to push the message out. They are all using widgets and have links to multiple social sharing sites, either to share the article or to connect with them. Each of the sites, create original content. They are all easy to subscribe to and offer a wealth of information.

Long Live Email!

I know the thought has crossed my mind before, is email still viable? I have often asked if email has become an outdated way to communicate? Today, it is hard not to become “all-in” with the use of brand new, “shiny” social media technology, and leave everything else behind. I have deleted so many emails, hundreds of them, before even opening them. Are brands wasting time sending out messages never to be seen? Should email still be used in marketing strategies?

Goodmorning Joe!!!

With the future of Morning Joe being a bit shaky, Scarborough would be well-advised to update his strategy.

Oh, that OREO!!!

If I had to suggest something for improvement, perhaps they could offer an e-newsletter or a permanent on-site blog. (Hey, I’ll write it… for FREE… or on second thought, maybe I could work for cookies!!)

To Push or Pull: It shouldn’t be a tug-of-war!

Over the course of the past few weeks, we have learned the importance of Integrated Marketing Communication and the difference between traditional media and social media.  Now, we explore push and pull marketing and how to add them successfully to the mix. Websites have been around since the 90’s, since that time they have become […]
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Revlon: Feedback on Facebook

#LOVEISON    As women, cosmetics are part of everyday life. Even if they do not wear makeup, women are exposed to and have probably purchased, facial cleansing products, hair care items, or beauty tools. For men, it is the same, even without the use of makeup, men are probably familiar with many cosmetic brands. With […]
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Communication vs. Media Planning

In the mid-1990’s the world of advertising, public relations, and communication began to see a shift in the way communication and media planning were developed. 

That’s how the cookie crumbles…

What do I buy based on the brand alone? What company has reached me on such a level that I would forgo saving my family money? What do I love?


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